Causes Of Poverty In Africa

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How Can The Governments in Africa Reduce Poverty? Solutions to Poverty in Africa Poverty is a serious problem, that’s affecting countries all over the world. The problem of poverty has been a major issue for over centuries. Mostly every country has some amount of people suffering from poverty, even though the number of people suffering maybe different per country. Poverty has shown some major decrease in some part of the world; unlike African (a continent made up of 54 countries, and a population of about 1.2 billion people) is still suffering from extreme poverty. According to the World Bank, “47 percent of the population in Africa…show more content…
The three main causes of poverty in Africa, corruptions, wars, and conflict, Africa is widely considered among the world most corrupted places said Stephanie Hanson, the author of the article Corruption in Africa. The continent of it self is not corrupts, but its leaders and people in higher positions are. Corruption occurs when the governments fail to use the money currently, instead of thinking about the people, they only think about themselves. This destroy the trust the people have for the…show more content…
Ensuring that the people of the respective countries have access to good education should always be a top parriotey to the governments. It should be an obligating factor to educate the children of Africa, the government should also create opportunities that will sponsor children to study aboard, and build more schools. Because by so doing, at the end of the day the children will have better careers, jobs, and quality of life, that will enable them to help not only their families, and society but the country as a whole. Also the possibility of having doctors’ lawyers, teacher’s economists, technicians, and scientists, and others specialize areas will be very high. This can help a lot in improving the continent and it improvement can only be possible through education. Let say for example, a student went to school and he/she ended up becoming a teacher, don’t you think that student will teach the younger generations as well? The same thing applies to people that will specialize in other areas; after they finish they will also invest some of their knowledge on others as well. This will contribute a lot to the development of Africa. Although it will cost the government a lots of money, because building schools, an sponsoring children is expensive, however there are other organization such as UNESCO, African Child

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