Causes Of Love In Frankenstein

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Monsters and Orphans Make Me Love My Mother Out of fear and eventually anger Victor Frankenstein neglects the life he brought into the world. Neglecting that which one brings into the world is a violation of the natural order. In order for a healthy relationship to be formed between offspring and a creator, the offspring must have some sense that they were created out of love and will continue to be loved. This is the foundation for not only motherhood, but also numerous religious ideologies such as Christianity. Without the love and nurturing care from a mother physical and emotional health problems often arise for offspring during childhood and down the road during the rest of their lives. Frankenstein’s complete abandonment of his monster lead to the Monsters homicidal behaviors, and disordered life. The Monster craved love from his creator but never received any. Out of great anger the Monster, whether directly or indirectly, stripped Frankenstein of practically everyone that he loved. He killed Victor’s younger brother William, and then framed Justine a highly regarded family servant, who was eventually tried and killed for William’s death. The Monster also takes the life of Henry Clerval, one of Frankenstein’s best friends…show more content…
It is often easy to blame the monster for his horrific actions, but this question becomes much more difficult when considering the effects that childhood neglect can have on one’s actions. Personally, I think that Frankenstein is to blame for the Monster’s actions. While I am not sure that the principles of epigenetics and molecular biology apply directly to the fictional character in Shelley’s work, Frankenstein negated his basic responsibility of caring for his creation. Whether The Monsters epigenetic mechanisms were altered or not abandonment clearly drove The Monster down a troubled path that lead to

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