Causes Of International Obligation Poverty

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Each day, the United Nations estimates that 21,000 people died from lack of adequate food, therefore, hunger-related causes.1 It happens when people do not have enough food to eat, also, because they are poor. It is the panorama that developing countries citizens around the globe face every day. In countries, such as, the Central African Republic and Chad, nations that rank first and second in the Global Hunger Index. In 2013,2 a study published by the Lancet magazine, found, that approximately 3.1 million children died from causes underlying malnutrition.3 Half of them before their 5th birthday and 165 million infants suffered from a decline in growth because of this.4 The right to an adequate alimentation, protected by the Universal Human Right Declaration, and the justice theory. The International community should address this issue as an international…show more content…
In 2013, in a report issued by the World Development organization, showed that 767 million people were living in extreme poverty, their income is around $1.90 or less per individual per day.7 It makes this economy (low-income). It is worthy to mention, due to the fact, that studies have demonstrated that a higher income, significantly reduces poverty in nations.Therefore, provided, a large expectative of life, diminution of the birth rate, women are more empowered, and people have an improvement in their lifestyle, and so on.8For this reason, as an initiative to eradicate poverty and hunger in the world, in 2000, the UN and member states adopted a resolution "The Millennium Development Program" in which the rich countries committed themselves to reducing poverty and hunger worldwide by 2015 in half. By providing 0.7 of their GDP for this cause. Unfortunately, since its creation, many countries did not engage with this commitment, such as the largest economy, United States, that only contribute with a

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