Causes Of Heart Failure

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There are a great number of diseases around the world that can be detrimental to a person and may even cause death. Heart disease tends to be the number one cause of death for women and men. Heart failure is a major cause of death in people who have heart disease. According to Komanduri 2017, “the prevalence of Heart Failure is estimated to be greater than 5.8 million people in the United States and approximately more than 23 million people around the world.” Heart Failure is not curable. However Heart Failure can be preventable and controllable.
The major question that should be asked is why are there so many people with heart failure since this disease is preventable. The answer is knowledge and education. Being diagnosed with heart
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M. 2017, “heart failure has now become a leading cause of hospitalization.” This is a big problem for such a controllable disease. There are so much technology, medications, and evidenced based practice now that has made heart failure more treatable and controllable. The problem I have with heart failure besides taking the lives of millions of individuals is that it is also expensive. Having heart failure means new medications, new diet, new doctors, office visits, tests, and hospital admissions. According to Rosenberg 2016, “of the more than 1 million U.S. adults hospitalized for heart failure each year, 27% are readmitted within 30 days of discharge.” That means if 100 people are admitted for heart failure, then at least 27 out of those 100 will be back within 30 days. This causes a lot of hospitals to not be reimbursed due to insurance regulations. This also causes patients to have to undergo more testing, lifestyle modification, time away from family, work, and etc. During this 30 days before readmissions there is a problem. That problem has to be discovered and fixed. The only way to discover and fix this problem is by making sure that patient gets the best education that can be provided. This education also has to include supplies that patients need and or medications that needs to be assisted with. Most of my patients with heart failure are older adults at least over 55. Some of these patients work. In…show more content…
Many people think this it. Many people think heart failure means an ending into their life. By doing this project, my patients and myself have realized that heart failure does not have to control your life. However we can control heart failure. Heart failure is a just a name on a condition. With technology, medications, lifestyle modification, and dedications, we can control this condition to live a normal and healthy life with heart failure. This project has shown that heart failure can be treated. Heart failure can be preventable. Most importantly heart failure can be controllable. Be in control of your own destiny. Don’t let heart failure control yoy. Stand up to heart failure by taking your medications, checking fluid intake and output, and weighing yourself. People lives are so consumed with the environment, work, and family. By controlling heart failure, you won’t put any more on yourself that one can bear. Heart failure may change you. However you can change heart

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