Causes Of Globalization And Global Justice

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In the past decade a series of on-site disasters have occurred at low wage factories across the globe spawning questions about conditions of working atmospheres in developing countries. Incidents like these and other problems have cause many people in the world to begin to assess the globalization of the world and the global justice that comes along with it. It is safe to say that across the world economic and living standards are not the same. Some countries provide adequate economies and living standards, while others barely provide any at all. It is important to look into this issue to give insight into whether or not globalization and global justice are in fact just and noble causes. Governments and private industries are increasingly…show more content…
In shorter words globalization is nothing more than a fully integrated world. Global justice focuses more on the moral aspects of this discussion. Global justice is the fairness and justice of the world (542). Global justice looks to ensure all citizens of the world are given equal opportunity and justice instead of having different tiers such as the first world through third world system that is typically used to define countries. Like mentioned before, the two ends of the spectrum are those who support the moral cause of ensuring global justice for everyone compared to those who either ignore it or do not believe in…show more content…
Some aspects that come into play are oppression of women, illiteracy and governmental corruption (547). The problem is incredibly hard to solve because of the simple fact that the world is not one globally connected country, but many different countries linked together by borders, but separate on terms of economic and social structure. For instance, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the U.S. in 2012 was around 15.6 trillion dollars compared to the Marshall Islands at 187 million dollars (548). That is a large gap. Many of the richer countries across the world do allocate money to alleviate poverty in poorer countries. Even with these large sums of money it is still hard to compensate for the lack of money that the country itself produces. Unfortunately, international economic downturns can have an effect on this. This is another fact that is almost unpreventable. If a negative economic situation arises in the U.S. of course the U.S. in turn is going to donate less of its budget to foreign aid so it can sustain itself. Global poverty is not caused solely because other countries do not contribute enough foreign aid, that has to be understood. Some other causes are natural disasters due to geographical placement, poor infrastructure and lack of education (549). Colonialism is one of the major causes of global poverty in modern society. Especially the colonialism
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