Causes Of Global Warming

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What is Global Warming?
Global Warming is the increase of surface temperature due to effect of green housing effect and burning gasses.
Increase in global warming:
There are many things that cause increase in global warming:
Carbon dioxide (CO2):
Human beings have increased the Human beings have increased the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere by about thirty percent, concentration in the atmosphere by about thirty percent, CO2 spread in atmosphere from human breath, industries , smoke of automobiles and fossil fuel etc… when we burn fossil fuel the co2 gases escaped in to air and outer layer of earth. Outer layer of is the layer that reflect the ultraviolet rays of sun. So the co2 and burning gases causes the increase of global warming
Radiations also increase the global warming. Some elements emitted radiations naturally so that the temperature of is increased.:
Melting of the ice caps : loss of habitat near the poles. Polar bears are now thought to be greatly endangered by the shortening of their feeding season due to dwindling ice packs.
Greenhouse gases:
Greenhouse gases are the the gases that block the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun on earth. Greenhouse gases mechanism in our atmosphere that influence how much heat we retain within the atmosphere. So that these rays remains on the earth and increased the global warming.
Electricity also effects on the increase global warming. When we on our room bulb 24 hours it increased the temperature and production of electricity may also caused.

Controlling on global warming:
There are many method of controlling global warming but here I want to tell...

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...mful gases which helps in heating up the Earth.
Volcanic Eruptions.
Volcanic eruptions is also one of the major cause of global warming. These eruptions contain dust particles and gases which stay in the atmosphere for years and block the sunlight from reaching the surface of the Earth making it cool. These dust particles affects the balance of the atmosphere and becomes a contributing factor of global warming
Plants are the best way of controlling the global warming. But today people cut the tree so that the rate of co2 increased and cause global warming.
Industrial Advancement:
Industries and factories are set up to meet the needs of human beings. These big factories need large amount of fuels like coal, petroleum for power and electricity required by the machines to work. When this fuel is burn a lot of gases are escaped that cause global warming
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