Causes Of Child Maltreatment

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“Can’t be your little princess anymore, I’m not perfect anymore, and I hurt too much.” Child maltreatment is a global problem, it is defined as physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect. The highest number of cases and deaths contributing to child maltreatment occurs in the United States. Acts of commission is deliberate and intentional; even though hurting the child may not be intended, while, acts of omission is the failure to provide for a child’s basic physical, emotional, or educational needs. The U.S. has almost five children die everyday from child abuse.(americanspcc) Child Maltreatment is gradually increasing every year. Does the media influence the increase of child abuse in the U.S or has it created awareness? “The latest 2015…show more content…
About 4 out of 5 cases are the parents’ who commit the abuse. “Children from households with lower income, parental education, and who live in communities with greater concentrations of disadvantage, housing stress, low social capital, and lack of social support are more likely to be exposed to child maltreatment.” ( Life is stressful and adding the stress of taking care of a child and financially paying for all the child’s needs is difficult. This is one of most important causes because some parents’ can’t handle it and take it out on the child. The process of attunement is where love, trust, protection, and overall health in the baby is formed. When this does not occur and the mother doesn’t empathize with the child, it is more likely for the child to be neglected. The parents are looking for a support system they aren’t getting which leads to neglect. Being neglected will affect the child’s psychological enhancement. About 80% of 21 year olds that were abused as children met criteria for at least one psychological disorder. According to Psychology Today it states, “ Neglect can result in a deficit of neurotransmitters and frontal lobe impairment that leads to attention disorders, learning disorders, inability to delay satisfaction, and in extreme cases can lead to aggressive and antisocial behaviors.” Children who experience child abuse & neglect are about 9 times more likely to become involved in…show more content…
today. The United States is known for the most accounts of child maltreatment. Countless numbers of children and even adults, who were abused when they were younger are affected stupendously by the choices one person makes. It is truly incredible how many children have been traumatized or even killed due to abuse. Others are starting to realize how truly awful it is and how many people are actually affected by this. It is a Class B misdemeanor if an adult fails to report, or falsely reports, child abuse, yet so many people are never caught because the children are too afraid or they are just too young. The youngest children are usually the first to be abused or neglected. The media is not a factor for child maltreatment, it has helped more people become aware of the issue. There are many other factors that contribute to a person’s mindset when they choose to abuse a child. Even though child abuse rates are rising, the media is not to blame because they are doing their best to help prevent this from happening to more and more
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