Causes And Effects Of Steve Biko And The Black Consciousness Movement

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Throughout the development of the resistance against the apartheid in South Africa, Steve Biko and his back consciousness movement effectively achieved to build a more ground both mentally and physically for the black south African people, specifically youths. The long term causes and effects which the apartheid system had brought, led to the difficulty in effectiveness of the resistance and the Black consciousness (BC) changes. However prior to the Black Consciousness Movement, the resistance movement had already been lit up, though with the help of Steve Biko and the Black Consciousness movement the resistance was able to flame up. Leading to a much stronger, stable, aggressive, solid and more inclusive movement all across South Africa.…show more content…
Biko was inspired by these two leaders he shaped many of his perspectives according to these two men’s ideology. According to Biko 's ideology, being black and going through segregation, discrimination and abuse disregarding the apartheid system and colonialism, was to be something to be proud of as a black human being as people whom fight for the right cause, will always globally be seen right in the end. Steve Biko had seen two factors as the leading cause for their weakness in the community. The first was the Psychological liberation and the second factor was the Physical liberation. The point in raising such an awareness of psychological liberation is for the people to implement and lead black liberation movements throughout the country. So by doing this the black liberal community would disregard the non-racialism of the ANC. Biko had always stressed out his concern of responding to a racist society. He always had stated that to overcome a racist society, black people had to first liberate themselves and gain psychological, physical and political power before any other non-racial organization can take action. At times Biko did prefer non-violent tactics and strategies, due to his belief in M.K Gandhi and Martin Luther King tactics. Biko was a very intelligent man. He had grasped and understood the political control of the government and the military support the apartheid regime had. So the non-violence strategy put forth by Biko, was a very well thought move. For Biko, Black South-Africans were made up of 3 racial sects, these included: the Indians, Coloureds and the Blacks. Steve Bikos belief in Black South Africans are made up of 3 sects is due to the apartheid regimes harm to the other racial community’s aswell.They were in a way on the same boat and Steve Biko as one of the strongest leaders of the time decided to put his hand out to all in order to
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