Causes And Effects Of Divorce

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The Causes and Effects of Divorce in America Marriage is a way in which couple unite in order to share every aspect of their future lives together. The thought of marriage is anticipated as early as childhood, which is when some individuals think of their future and along the way think about marriage as well. Marriage is present in almost every culture, including the American culture. During the early 1920s, it was not very common for a couple to divorce. However, as the years progressed, the divorce rates in America increased drastically. The divorce rates in America have remained almost the same from 1991 up to 2010, with a divorce expectancy of 36-45% (“Divorce Statistics”). The divorce rates in the United States is almost up to 50% up to this day, therefore, what is the cause of the high divorce rates in America? Also, what are the effects that divorce have on family and individuals? These questions are going to be approached by stating what causes a marriage to fall apart and then discussing how divorce can have a significant impact on individuals. One of the main reasons why a couple may divorce is due to infidelity. When someone who is married commits an act of infidelity, that person is being sexually involved with a person other than their partner. When someone is married to another person, they are both expected to show mutual respect for one another. However, in America, infidelity can be viewed as a way of disrespect and betrayal. According to some poll results provided by Gallup, 7% of those interviewed said it was morally acceptable for men and women to have an affair during marriage, however, 91% said it was not morally acceptable (Saad). This gives an insight of the perspective and morals that American individua... ... middle of paper ... value that a person may have regarding marriage (“America’s Families and Living Together Arrangements” 12). If the value of marriage is not high among both partners, then there are chances that the couple will not be able to cope through issues in the relationship, since the option to divorce is available to them. These are some of the causes that may contribute to divorce. Only one cause can be the reason for a couple to divorce, but in some cases there are plenty of causes that are occurring at the same time and can eventually damage a marriage. These causes can also have long term and short term events in a household. Some of these effects may include: children developing negative psychological reactions after divorce, increase of drug usage later on in teen years, and lack of child involvement with his/her parents (Corcoran). Divorce have negative effects

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