Causes And Effect Of Divorce

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Hold on and just wait before you put a ring on it! Think of the causes of divorce. A divorce doesn’t happen overnight. There are causes, especially, there are four causes of divorce that are the lack of communication, conflicting views, lack of intimacy, and no marriage commitment. These causes have shown an adverse effect onto married couples overtime. The lack of communication, is one of many causes of divorce. Although, what is the lack of communication? Communications in a marriage couple is basically hearing each other out, though when no communication is present on the marriage, signs of trouble show up. Furthermore. incongruence being one of many examples of lack of communication as Deb Dutilh writes Divorce Causes: 5 Communication Habits That Lead to Divorce, “When we say one thing while rolling our eyes, tightening our lips and/or shrugging shoulders, we send another message, usually one of being dismissive, defensive and/or judgmental.” (par 12) Explaining how incongruence is yet another real-life example of the lack of communication. Yet another example of the lack of communication is also the inauthenticity of communication in marriage. As Cathy Meyer, a divorce support expert, writes in the article 3 Major Causes of Divorce, giving an example of inauthenticity as a lack of communication, “Covering up our feelings and not trusting our partner to be mature enough to manage their response to ‘no’ just won’t work. It’s better to say, “No, I’m not available to discuss this right now.” (par. 18) Overall subconsciously ignoring, one and other’s thoughts, opinions, and actions can lead to a divorce and not to mention that comes with married couple arguments. Having conflicting views, in a marriage, is a sign of a marriage... ... middle of paper ... ... of lack of commitment. “What happens when both become disillusioned with their marriage? They start looking outside themselves to define the problems in the marriage instead of looking at the situation and asking, "What can I do to make things better?"(Payne, Olver, Roth, par.9) Giving reasoning as to how couples don’t follow their marriage commitment. Nice to know on that big day. Overall there are many causes that can cause divorce. Just as well the many ways you can prevent so to speak. Though from a lack of communication, conflicting views, lack of intimacy, and no marriage commitment, are for sure some causes of depression; just to name a few. Divorce may be a taboo topic in some cultures, but not unheard of in the developed countries. So, just before you “put a ring on it” or “tie the knot’’, think things through. Don’t just gamble your marriage, look within.

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