Causes And Consequences Of Human Trafficking

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Asia, United States, and Europe all have a wide range of victims in Human Trafficking. Europe is the destination for victims from the widest choice of destinations, while victims from Asia are trafficked to the widest choice of destinations. The United State hast both the origin and destination of victims of human trafficking. The article
Human Trafficking states, “Trafficking is a big business controlled by organized crime.” (Feingold). Because it is an illegal business the United States provides protection and help to victims in human trafficking. The United Nations also offers help to victims of human trafficking. Getting help from more countries, with human trafficking well help decrease the number of victims in human trafficking. Most
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Although most traffickers are male they can also be female. The author in the article Human trafficking in East Asia says, “However, several reports in East Asia point out the growing tendency of the operation of female recruiters who also often were former victims themselves.” (Lee). Traffickers manipulate people for the profit gained from forced labor and commercial sex. Traffickers prey on people who are hoping for a better life. Traffickers usually promise a high paying job and new opportunities, and then use physical and mental violence to control their victims. Human trafficking victims can get help from people who notice traffickers and call the police for the…show more content…
The name of human trafficking is used so much that people do not know what it really is, which is slavery. In Davidson 's article, New Slavery, Old Binaries: Human Trafficking And The Borders Of ‘Freedom’ he explains, “If the borders of ‘freedom’ were visible as social constructs, there would be potential for political mobilization against legally and socially tolerated fetters, as well as against those that are not.”(Davidson). Human trafficking as modern day slavery refreshes the large understanding of freedom and restriction. Victims in human trafficking are slaves and need
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