Cause for Hope

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What is your cause for hope? Late one night, after finishing the book Looking For Alaska by John Green, that one question continued to ring in my ears. What is my cause for hope? Over the past few years as I have struggled with internal battles, one question I always remains: Why continue? Last year, I hit my low point. After numerous external conflicts, I had suddenly imploded. Instead of turning to Christ, I tried to handle all my struggles by myself. Within a month, I became suicidal, bulimic, and felt completely alone. I did not allow anyone in. I did not want help. Eventually, I faced the harsh reality: It was time to change. I reached out to my family and friends, revealed my long-kept secrets, and have been healing since. I will technically always be suicidal, and always be bulimic, but I now have a reason not to be. I have a cause for hope.
“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God” In Ephesians 2:8, one of the many reasons for hope is displayed. Growing up, I always feared that I would never be “good enough” to go to heaven. It is human nature to believe the works of man have an impact. In the grand scheme, however, this is evidently not the case. Man is sinful by nature; man is saved by faith. As previously stated, this is not of my own doing, but a gift from God. When I struggled with the “whys” in life, I often wondered why God chose to save me. I did nothing to deserve his grace, yet, he gave it to me. I felt unworthy of His mercy, like it was a burden. The gift was too grand of a gesture that I simply could not receive. After praying, I came to a different conclusion. How can I dare not accept such a wonderful gift as the grace of God? This epiphany gave m...

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... in Christ. It took a time of absolute despair and hopelessness to find my cause for hope. I find that all life’s struggles and despair create a cause for hope, and call for the Supreme remedy: Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.In Looking for Alaska, the main character continuously struggled with his cause for hope. After losing a good friend, he searched for the “why” in life, the cause of it all, and the reason to hope. Sadly, he lacked one key element: faith. The question that was never answered for him was what rang in my ears that one late night. “What is your cause for hope?” Through my faith in Christ, I hope to find a different outcome for myself. My cause for hope comes from God. It comes from his wonderful, never-ending, and never-failing grace. It comes from His mercy. It comes through the sacrifice of His son. My cause for hope is and always will be God.
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