Cause Of War: The Causes Of World War I

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In 1914 the most brutal war of the century began. This war changed the status of many large empires, the boundaries of many European countries, people’s view on what it means to be in a war, and added a new global establishment which helped to regulate the world’s wars. This war is called today World War One. The war started between two alliances, the central powers consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy and the Entente side consisting of Russia, France, and Britain. This massive war had much tension leading to it and was influenced by three major factors. One factor is the imperialistic mindsets of many stubborn empires and countries. Another reason is the militaristic culture of the expanding empires. And the final factor of the cause of World War One is the alliances made by central powers and Triple Entente.
The first cause of World War One was Imperialism. Imperialism in the early 1900s and late 1800s was rapidly becoming more and more essential for European countries and large Empires. In the early 1800s France and Britain were the largest and most powerful empires which held much land in Africa. The only threat to those empires was Germany. In the late 1800s Germany realized that there was little land left in Africa and if they did not come quick to claim it they would just become another small country and lose their power. So to maintain their current status of an empire they started to take over vast amounts of land in eastern Africa. This frightened the British and French empires because Germany was now as powerful as they were. Morocco during this time had been a part of the French area of control and in an act to decrease France’s power Germany influenced morocco to establish its own independence. This ma...

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...his was that Germany would take over France in six weeks so Germany would not have to worry about fighting on all fronts. This plan obviously failed and Germany would have to fight alongside Austria-Hungary and Italy for four years. Until 1918 when Austria-Hungary agreed to an armistice, this started a domino effect which eventually ended the war with no empires left in the world at all.
World War One had a lot of tension building up to it and was influenced by three major factors. The imperialistic mindset of counties thirsty for more land and power was a large reason for the cause World War One. The rapidly growing popularity of militaristic lifestyles and governments in the 18 and 1900s was another very large cause of World War One. Finally the last cause of World War One was the strong and strategic alliances made by the central powers and the Triple Entente.
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