Cause Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution
What was the cause of the American Revolution? What was George Washington’s role in revolutionizing our country? Not only was he a major asset, he was Americas first president.
At the start of the American Revolution, both sides the British and the American colonists had many difficulties ahead to face. The Americans were at a big disadvantage due to their lack of experienced soldiers and supplies. The British severely had underestimated the vastness of the North American continent, because of the distance that they would have to travel to transport men and supplies, and most importantly, that the united stand that the Americans shared all in order to win their liberty. In order for the Americans to succeed in their winning of the war, they had to train their militias and learn military tactics to be able to best attack the British. For the British to have won over Americans, they should have taken the colonists a lot more seriously and better planned for their military tactics. For both the Americans and the British, they both had a lot of, challenges to overcome, and their decisions on how to overcome them would all decided the outcome of the war
The war was fought between the United States and Great Britain. Americans were very disappointed in taxes and wanted a change right away! Things were getting out of hand for the Americans so they turned to war hoping things would change the way they planned. British imposed laws on Massachusetts causing things to become very difficult for them. Both sides were coming to put an end to both problems and war seemed to be the only way. George Washington was born into a wealthy family that lived in Colonial Virginia on February 22, 1732. He was America’s first p...

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...civil rights. The Russians wanted to free themselves from the monarchy of the Tsar because they wanted civil rights too.
. Having and amazing outcome of the war was very accomplishing for both sides and was very much needed. Freedom from Great Britain seemed to satisfy many and seemed to be very important. Having less taxes and being able to get away from England’s laws were a great change to the countries. Each state gained its independency and was free to live ones life! The only bad outcome was the increase in debt but both sides were able to put an end to both disappointments and were able to distant in peace. The overall ending in the war seemed to have an outcome that everyone agreed to! Without the help of George Washington the outcome wouldn’t have been as accepting. He not only was a great help, he was an amazing committed Chief and president!
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