Cause Of Stress On Students Essay

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Different causes of stress for students
Before going into the comprehensive and detailed explanation of the causes of stress on students, there is need to understand the concept of stress. Stress is the situation of discomfort and nervousness that disrupts the normal behavior of the students. Stress is commonly observed in students and there are number of the reasons and causes of stress. The stressful conditions are increasing in students’ life and the research shows that the students at college are exposed to continuous stress and there are many causes of it (Ross, 1999). Many researches have explored college as well as home related causes of stress that cause impact on overall personality of the students. One of the most significant and
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Stress is the most discomforting element that pressurizes the students continuously. The stress disrupts the students’ ability to manage things in appropriate way. One of the most significant and obvious impact of stress on students is poor performance in exams. If the students are suffering from the dilemma of stressful conditions, then they would not be able to deliver and show good performance in exams (Cohen, 1983). The students fail to communicate with one another and withy the peers due to the stress. Stressful conditions alienate the students’ and isolate them from the surroundings. One of the most important impacts of stress is contribution of misbalance between work and daily life matters. The students passing from the stress are unable to manage their routine affairs. This is the most dangerous effect of stress. Stress creates disappointment and discourages the students to take initiatives and work in a proper manner (Misra, 2000). The stress incorporates low energy in the students and they fail to show their performance. For college students, the physical stamina and health is also very important because it the demand of their age. But stress deprives the students from positive energy and incorporates fatigue and mental illness. One of the most dangerous effects of stress is its harmful impact on personality of the students. It damages the personality and creates disappointment. The lack of confidence is also one of the biggest effects of stress that is damaging for the academic performance of the students. Depression and anxiety are the most common effects of stress on students. Stress causes emotional imbalance and results in the loss of mental capabilities. Students facing stress are researched to be most frustrated and isolated in their lives. This situation also caste impact on their relationship

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