Cause Of Prejudice By Vincent Parrillo Analysis

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In the insightful article “causes of prejudice” written by Vincent N. Parillo, the author begins the intuitive argument with a three paragraph introduction explaining to the reader, briefly, about the social and psychological sides of prejudice. “Negative attitudes can lead to turbulent social relations between dominant minority groups.” (pg. 504) “Psychological perspectives on prejudice-whether behaviorists, cognitive, or psychoanalytic-focus on the subjective states of mind of individuals.”(pg.504) which help the author, not only introduce these topics to the reader, but also aids the reader in understanding the author’s reasoning for writing this article. Progressing further into the author’s argument, the author commences his argument…show more content…
“The psychological approach to prejudice is to examine individual behavior.” (pg. 505) the author reveals the argument he is trying to make through the article by using the psychology of prejudices to research individual behavior and then explains how to reach this conclusion. “We can understand more about prejudice among individuals by focusing on four areas of study…” (pg. 505) the author organizes the article in this fashion to first reveal the point the author wants to express to the reader then illustrate step by step how he will persuade the reader into believing the author. Throughout the article the author separates his argument into four sections the levels of prejudice, self-justification, personality, and frustration. Each category helps the author dive the reader in depth of how the psychology of prejudices works. The author then continues onto his article of describing and defining each area of study “cognitive level of prejudice encompasses a person’s beliefs and of a group as threatening or non-threatening etc., emotional level of prejudice encompasses the feeling that a minority group arouses in an individual…action-orientation level of prejudice is the positive or negative predisposition to engage in discriminatory behavior.” (pg.

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