Cause Of Fast Food

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The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2009-2010, says More than 2 in 3 adults are considered to be overweight or obese. Obesity is a problem of the human body when it has excessive amounts of body fat. That same fat can lead to health problems in the heart like Coronary disease or having High Blood Pressure. Obesity is becoming a big problem in the United States and there are many reasons why Americans are becoming obese but the main reason are fast food restaurants. Fast Food is one of the leading causes of obesity because the food is unhealthy, makes a habit of people not cooking a healthy meal at home, and it is inexpensive The first reason why fast food is the leading cause of obesity is because of how unhealthy the…show more content…
As a society, people are always moving forward in their daily lives. People will be spending most of their time working, going to school, or simply hanging out with friends and there is no additional time for them to prepare a healthy cooked meal done at home. Fast food literally serves people their meals quickly. For example, when I am out of class and starving, I quickly go to the nearest restaurant and get myself a taco or anything I can get my hands on to eat. Generally speaking, fast food is making people lazier to cook a healthy meal like myself. The article “What’s to Blame for the Surge in Super-Size Americans” by Tori DeAngelis articulates, “More people are eating out than ever, and restaurant food tends to be higher in fat and calories and served in bigger portions than meals made at home”(DeAngelis 292). People eating more fast food than at home will bring risks of obesity; however, that can be prevented if people decide to cook a home cooked meal and limit their portion size. It is important for people to learn to cook a healthy meal at home, and they must avoid getting a quick meal at a fast food restaurant. The food at home is a way better option than eating out, especially since a person can decide what kind of ingredients they want to add and how much of it. People also do not eat at home because eating at a fast food restaurant is
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