Cause Of Environmental Pollution

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Pollution has become the world’s greatest concern due to its leading health and environmental effects. Water pollution, land pollution, and air pollution are three major parts of environmental contamination that hold the greatest consequences. Millennials are being exposed to these perilous effects more than any generation. From second hand tobacco smoke, increase of pharmaceuticals to the release of toxins into the atmosphere, millennials are demonstrating an increase in respiratory and cancerous illnesses, all correlating back with the contamination of our atmosphere. Many corporate and government industries are the main contributors of pollution. By producing intriguing products for the public, many corporate agencies do not consider environmental…show more content…
Production and consumption are the primary triggers of pollution, therefore holding most of the responsibility towards corporates. Their inability to properly dispose or contain toxic pollutants is the leading cause for environmental pollution. When producing goods, industries release hazardous waste into our air and water. Industrial pollution degrades our environment by harming our water source and emitting pollutants that create dangerous health effects. Many big corporate industries profit at the expense of the health of others. Besides inadequate discarding of pollutants, industries diminish natural resources faster than they can be renewed by producing large number of processed goods. The government also holds responsibility for the cause of environmental pollution. Its failure to fix infrastructure or uphold laws creates leeway for pollution to grow. In order to not lose any political support from the public, the government avoids regulation and ignores any infrastructure in need of repair.
The effects of environmental pollution go to great lengths. There many components that need to be considered when referring to the damage pollution has and will continue to cause. The contamination of our planet is creating irreversible consequences such as illnesses, global warming, and extinction. The
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An example of one of the most recent incidents is the Aliso Canyon gas leak. This gas leak also known as the Porter Ranch gas leak, released methane gas from a gas storage facility in the mountains, the storage well began to spew this natural gas, highly affecting the health of many Porter Ranch residents. Community members began to have respiratory problems and abandoned their home in order to protect their families and health. This gas leak became to be identified as one of the worst natural gas leaks in the United States. Incidents such as these, are increasing the probability of Millennials getting serious respiratory diseases at a young age. The rampant Sand fire that occurred in the Santa Clarita Valley recently is also an example of an event that contributed to environmental pollution. This fire burned more than 38,000 acres of land and demonstrated the power aftermath of a wildfire. Many people were left without homes, trees were burned, and campgrounds
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