Cause Of Crime Essay

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Definition Crime, an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law;especially : a gross violation of law. ( Cause of crime Kuala Lumpur now is not a safe city anymore. Every day there is news about murders, snatch theft, revenge shootings and rapes has become news headlines for past few years. Crime has becomes becoming culture in Kuala Lumpur daily life. This has caused large sum of money from government to fund awareness campaign, maintaining the prisons and court trials. There is about 161 prisoners per 100 000 people in Malaysia ( Economic growth and high wealth people are the cause’s crime rate increasing. Fast economic growth is the reason increase number of illegal immigrants in Kuala Lumpur. 20% of the crime committed in this country is done by immigrants while the rest is done by local. Comparing crime done by local and the immigrant, 20% is large amount for 4 million of total immigrant. In addition, poverty index and inflation rate increasing drastically because of increasing price for oil. This has distance between the poor and the rich further and contributing crime rate. In increase, unemployment also one of the causes increasing in the crime rate. The relationship between unemployment and crime, unemployment are desperate for money to survive. They took crime as their alternative job. Besides that, lack of parental observation is the cause increasing in crime rate. When the parent busy with their career, they had no time to give their fullest attention to their children. This c... ... middle of paper ... ...s informs offenders about the checkpoints but creates uncertainty as to when the police are actually out enforcing them. Summary Publicity campaigns have had mixed success when used in crime reduction programs. Perhaps publicity campaigns fail in delivering their intended message because of poor design or implementation, and hence, it may be premature to dismiss campaigns as ineffective crime prevention tools. While publicity attempts have had little success in changing victim or offender behavior, they should not be abandoned; rather, the police should refine them. The challenge lies in finding the proper ways to influence citizen behaviors. Finding ways to reach the public is a key component. For example, if we know that elderly women living alone have a greater fear of crime, police should seek greater campaign efficiency by addressing this group more directly.
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