Cause, Causes And Effects Of Deforestation In Russia

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Deforestation is one of many forms of things that harms the earth. It is caused by clearing for agricultural, land, and logging. Logging could be legal and illegal, in this case both, was going on in Russia. Most of the tree loss in Russia can be attributed to forest fires. It becomes more intense as the climate warms. Russia has the largest area of forest, with Brazil following right behind. Russia has one of the highest rates of deforestation and it has been around for many years.
Deforestation comes in many forms. It is the clearance or clearing of the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest. Examples are forestland, farms, ranches, and urban use. Mining also causes deforestation. Deforestation
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Pollutants, such as sulphur, affected vegetation in many areas. The pollution is also damaging water and animals. Acid rain and forest fires also causes of deforestation. Deforestation can occur in many ways, natural and unnatural. Logging takes a huge place in deforestation. People are doing it the illegal way and the legal way. Hot weathers are also a main cause of deforestation. It is a natural state of matter that happens in many places with large forest.
During my research, I have found out that different sites are saying different countries are the one who have the highest rate of deforestation. Indonesia is the country with the most deforestation. Since the last century, Indonesia has lost at least 15.79 million hectares of forest land. Indonesia is located in Asia. Large areas of forest have been cleared by large multinational pulp companies. Millions of hectares of Indonesian rainforest has been logged,burned, and
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We need our trees for many things like tools, oxygen, and life to the world we live in. There are many other things that trees do for us but those are just the basics. With all these wildfires and logging going on, life wouldn't exist if all our trees disappear. Deforestation is not only hurting the forest but many other places and things. We rely on trees and so do our natural habitat. Personally I believe we need to find better ways to take care of our world because the way we're going, we won't last long. Many wildfires outburst are happening more often and it is really sad.Many animals lose their homes and so do many people. They also lose their lives. Wildfires are very serious and we need to figure out more ways to fix this issue. It doesn't seem like there's anything being done about it. There isn't that much that anyone could do, because most of the time it's just natural. There's always a way to try to prevent things like this. We could help prevent deforestation by planting new trees, recycling, cutting down on logging, and many more ways. Just get up and get out. Help our earth stay healthy and clean. If we don’t take care of this world, it most definitely will not take care of
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