Cause And Negative Effects Of Technology Essay

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Technological advancement causes an assortment of problems in today’s society. People use several forms of technology on a daily basis; a couple of which include, cell phones and computers. Technology causes problems at work, at home, and even the social lives of people all around the globe. Technology has caused a high percentage of problems, usually through assistance of the internet. People use computers as a source of technology to deceive others, and cause them mental and physical harm; cell phones are another type of technology that has caused people to become easily distracted, and dependent upon this device, and for cyber bullying to become an increasingly deadly problem.
Computers persist as one type of technology that have negative
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Presently, it distracts billions of people from their everyday lives. People hold them everywhere they go, and even treat them as prized possessions they can’t live without. Cell phone distraction has also become the cause of numerous accidents; frequently, it involves people overly engrossed in their phones, that they don’t pay any attention to their surroundings. Incidentally, cell phone usage causes people to run into doors, and fall down stairs; usually while they were currently preoccupied in scrolling through Facebook, or sending a text message. Cell phone usage causes people to experience trouble at work, and possibly lose their job. Furthermore, students have their phones removed by the teachers at school, and they can suffer a trip towards the principal’s office. Cell phone usage also causes countless of parents to miss special moments with their kids, and miss out on giving them the love and attention they deserve. Ultimately, people miss numerous significant events in their life, by putting their cell phone…show more content…
Cell phone use occurring is extremely distracting, and can deduct time away from friends and loved ones. The dependency people have to their cell phones could ruin lifelong opportunities. This technology could also cause them to harm themselves, by accident, because of this dangerous distraction. The distraction causes them to lose their focus on the major stuff happening in their lives. Technology has also caused people to have easier opportunities in deceiving, and abusing others, with assistance from the internet. Lastly, technology has caused the development of cyber bullying, which dominates as a horrendous problem in today’s society. Cyber bullying makes it possible for people to damage others with their words, which causes countless teens and young adults’ self-esteem to diminish, and ultimately become depressed. Eventually, these victims commit suicide to escape the vicious attacks from cyber bullies. Technology has caused a considerable deal of negative events to occur, including death, which could possibly have been
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