Cause And Natural Factors: The Causes Of Global Warming

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Global warming is a topic of discussion that many people can debate or try to avoid. It is often argued that the causes of global warming are either caused by humans, nature, or both. Some of these people don’t even have a clue about the impact they have on Earth and the ozone layer. Some people may not even know what causes global warming. If people don’t know how they are contributing to global warming, how are they going to contribute to stop it? Humans affect global warming by activities that range from driving to expanding their family. In this case, global warming’s effects are overwhelmingly connected to human activity. As the world evolves and new ideas are becoming a reality, humans have to make space to accommodate the changes. This causes people to constantly clear forests. The clearing of forests is one of the main causes of global warming. By removing forests, humans are taking away Earth’s ability to repair itself naturally. The more trees that are cut down, the more carbon dioxide there is to destruct Earth’s ozone layer. In turn, this cause…show more content…
Although, natural changes alone don’t explain the increase in the global climate. As David K.C. Jones would say, “…human influences are, for the most part, merely modifying the rates of change” (Jones 127). Some of the activities people do on a daily basis are creating a huge impact on the main causes of global warming. As the world is evolving, the possibilities of humans causing global warming are increasing. According to Dale Jamieson, “There is no way to assess accurately all the possible impacts [of global warming]” (Jamieson 144). Most likely there is always going to be something that causes global warming. With new data showing how different things humans do affect the global temperature, it is not just natural occurrences that cause global warming
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