Cause And Major Causes Of The Industrial Revolution In Africa

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I. General causes
A. Commercial gain
1. Industrial Revolution - the need for
a. raw materials
Many industries, such as the cotton industry, were completely dependent on sources outside of Europe for trade. Europe also needed additional places to invest their profits. Africa, however, was seen as a jewel that could provide raw materials and further stimulate the revolution.
b. markets
With the Industrial Revolution occurring in Europe, there was a large amount of labor workers but little resources. Eventually, many European industries were producing more goods than Europeans could consume. As a result, many of these industries looked for opportunities in other regions in the world to sell their goods and as an outlet for their surplus capital..
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This also brought in many new European settlers, since they subjugated this quickly. diamonds European industries knew for sure that mining would bring much wealth and similar award as gold would. Eastern Africa, including Transvaal, contained many diamond reserves.
b. large potential market for European goods
With imperialism and nationalism increasing in European countries, they each desired to expand their empires and acquire land to export and import their goods for cheap. With the discovery of more raw materials, European markets could proliferate. Also, many markets were collapsing domestically, so this would support them. Africa offered the chance of much international prestige and power with this.
c. local people no match for modern European weapons European weaponry was superior to the primitive weaponry of the Africans, and previous agreements blocked Europeans from selling modern weapons to Africans in potential colonial areas, so they barely had any type of modern weapon. Additionally, many Africans were savage, uncivilized, and could not produce much themselves. Conquest was relatively easy for the elite European powers.
d. Strategic and political
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It expressed the idea that European imperialists had a moral duty to educate, civilize, bring religion, and to improve the lives of African people. As mentioned before, it was important that they introduced Africans to “The Three C’s”. However, the claim that European countries were taking land in order to improve the lives of African people, was really just motivated by selfish utilization.

III. Specific causes
A. Britain
Britain 's initial concern had been to protect its vital trading routes in the Indian Ocean. The discovery of many valuable raw materials in East Africa showed Britain that in addition to those trade routes, there would be many economic benefits to acquiring land.
B. France
While Britain was mostly involved in East Africa, France diverted its attention to West Africa. Since France was involved in the slave trade, they had already established control of the coastal regions of Senegal and Algeria. They later moved inland to search for raw materials and markets for their industrial output, because French politicians believed the development of a large overseas empire was imperative to enhancing France’s wealth, prestige, and power.
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