Cause And Effects Of Overfishing

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Scaly, Salty, Seine in the Big Old Blue

Salty dihydrogen monoxide, known as the ocean contains many species of osteichthyes, chondrichthyes, and agnathans. Or in laymen’s terms, fish. These animals are threatened by the world today for one main reason, humans. We have done the undesirable, but for probable cause. We have created a market for workers to earn money by fishing, bringing in tons of fish to be sold to the public, and have gotten rid of dangerous wild animals in the oceans so people are free to swim in the ocean safely. But what have we as humans done to threaten the ocean species population? If possible can we help fix what damage we’ve done? Both exceedingly good questions, the first being that we have craved more and more
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How does overfishing affect my life? What are the statistics on overfishing? Overfishing is better described as fishing more fish than can be replenished in the ocean, which can lead to extinction, endangerment, and collapsing fisheries (Destructive Fishing NP). The fact is, we need the ocean to survive not just for food and water, but for gas consumption, climate control, and diversity within people. Without the ocean we would all live a similar lifestyle with similar jobs not including the fact that we need water. With the ever rising impact that we have as humans on other ecosystems with much less species, there’s no wonder why the world’s leading marine biologists concluded that neither global warming nor pollution, but fishing was the greatest single threat to the diversity of life in the world’s oceans (The Facts on Fishing NP). This states how much we are influencing the oceans, we are engulfed around, but the problem isn’t just overfishing to the extremes, but also the numbers and statistical evidence on overfishing. For quite some time people have collected data on fishing in fisheries, but the numbers aren’t set in stone because of unreported fishers and some illegal fishers who have hid some or all of their numbers from people (Illegal Fishing page 1). So yes the numbers are slightly untrue, but no matter these numbers do tell us what the average working fishermen catch to feed humankind. Overfishing has caused us to…show more content…
Jobs for fishing are becoming extinct because we have overfished certain areas and as many as forty thousand jobs were lost from overfishing one population of fish (Overfishing: Worse than You Might Think NP). Truly unbelievable that we think the market is fine, if not, growing when in fact it’s shrinking exponentially. Nowadays in America we thrive to earn money because job loss is a big problem on its own. Since we don’t have good awareness on any overfishing or fishing job loss issues, we don’t really know what’s going on. “There’s a real lack of public and political awareness of these issues,” says Alex Rogers (Levitt NP). Overfishing has caused job loss in one market because we don’t realize or understand what humans are capable of until it’s too late. How long will it take until overfishing causes the fish market to crash and never rebuild? We need to open our eyes to what’s going on in the world because “The disturbing truth is that humans are having unrecognized impacts on every part of the ocean, and there is much we have not seen that will disappear before we ever get a chance,” says Ron O’Dor (Levitt
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