Cause And Effects Of Coral Reefs

The ocean, beautiful from what everyone can see, but there’s more to what the tourists’ eyes show as they come to see the views on the beaches. Coral reefs are starting to deteriorate more severally due to human and natural causes. The tourists visiting these beaches have no idea that they are affecting how long the coral reefs are going to last and how fast they are going to be gone. If nothing is done to help the reefs they may be gone sooner than later. Many people believe that the reefs are dying off because all because of natural causes and the human activity is helplessly getting the blame. Although natural causes contribute to the decrease in reefs, human activity is the main cause in way the reefs are not able to live as well as they…show more content…
Even with the efforts being made the reefs will never be back to complete normal, with the help of the people the decrease of them can be slowed down from what is happening now. “Recommended that the level of 5,000 to 6,000 dives per site per year should not be exceeded,” After these numbers the coral reefs will slowly show the effect of the over populated exploration, (United Nations Environment Programme). Places are starting to be more strict about these numbers and will make sure that the numbers are not exceeded. By exploration places taking these precautions the coral reefs will be able to last longer since they are not gonna be too disturbed. Cruise lines that go through the Caribbean are trying to stop dumping the wastewater in the area of the reefs. The ships have to wait four miles to release anything so the Mesoamerican reef system can try to recover. (Bonnie Tsui). The cruise lines are making sure they do not dump wastewater where coral reefs are present this will keep any toxic waste further away from the reefs, giving the reefs more time to recover from other things affecting them. The reefs can get sick and die from the waste that is dumped by cruise ships, by cruise ships making an effort to stop it the reefs should do a little better. The coral triangle is the, “World’s richest underwater wilderness that covers 1.6 million square Km bounded by six countries.” They are trying to get money from all six countries to help save the reefs together. Some agreements were made by coral triangle that states, “Fishing is banned from 20% of major coastal habitat.” ( The Manila Times). The coral triangle is making efforts to stop overfishing especially where the reefs are on the coast which are helping the reefs recover from overfishing in the past. The reef that covers 1.6 million square Km is getting money from all six
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