Cause And Effects Of Alcoholism

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“Teen alcohol use kills 4,700 people each year — that’s more than all illegal drugs combined” (Fitzgerald 1). Alcoholism is a serious issue in our society and causes harm to ourselves and others. In this paper the effects of alcohol, how it affects the body, why people do it, and alcoholism as a whole will be explained.
Alcoholism is a chronic disease that affects many people, and is better known as a term for alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Researchers say there are many possibilities linked to becoming an alcoholic. First off, psychological issues have been linked to the addiction. People decide to drink to hide their feelings deep down inside of them that they want to try and repress. It is easier to use alcohol as a replacement instead
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These are some of the critical effects of Alcohol on your heart and nervous system. The heart is a very important organ in everyone's body. If this is ruined by alcohol a person can experience abnormal heartbeat rhythms, weaker heart muscles, and the heart size can even increase. These effects soon turn into more serious issues such as having stroke, or a blood vessel can occur blocking blood flow to the brain (“Alcoholism” 3). There are also very serious effects on a person's nervous system. The body can experience blackouts, and numbness that occurs in some limbs such as arms and legs. These side effects that seem pretty harmless at the time, but can turn into two possible diseases called Wernicke’s syndrome and Korsakoff’s syndrome (“Alcoholism” 3). The consequences of alcohol also deeply affects men and women when it comes to reproducing. Women who drink while pregnant have a higher chance of having a baby with a birth defect, or a higher risk of having a miscarriage. Fetal alcohol syndrome can also occur which can cause behavioral problems, mental impairment, and physical abnormalities in the child (“Alcohol use and abuse” 4). Alcohol affects men's reproductive organs as well. If they drink quite a bit, their sperm count will go down, and their testicles may shrink as well. This makes it harder for the woman to actually become pregnant (“Alcoholism” 3). Alcohol causes economic and social effects as well. Nationwide alcohol is the third leading cause of death, and takes about 100,000 lives based on a statistic in 2005. If traffic death certificates related to alcohol were included it would be the number one cause of death nationwide (“Alcohol use and abuse” 2). Homelessness, murder, and suicide can all be effects of drinking heavily as well. These alcohol related issues cost America approximately an amount between 100 and 200 billion dollars (“Alcoholism” 2). Alcohol causes many
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