Cause And Effect Of Jealousy In Othello

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Have you ever been jealous of someone due to some reason? One can understand how jealousy can affect him or her to do horrible things. Jealousy causes people to perform stupid actions that they would not have done if they were not jealous of something or someone. The protagonist and the antagonist are mostly driven by love and filled with the feeling of jealousy. Due to the feeling of jealousy felt by the antagonist, Iago about not getting the job he wanted, he makes a plan to somehow destroy Othello’s love for Desdemona. As the play progresses, the protagonist, Othello begins to appear more like Iago, as his jealousy destroys his wife and consumes his life. Therefore, jealousy is personified as a “green eyed monster” through the combination of Othello’s credulous nature and Iago’s malicious villainy. It is the reason for the change in Iago’s and Othello’s behavior, impacts the insecurity…show more content…
Above all, at the pivotal point in the play, it is Othello, ultimately who determines the outcome of his raged jealousy. But, his anger towards Desdemona and Cassio, leaves him very little of another option, but to continue his plan. Othello demands that he will "make me to see 't” (3.3.364) “or woe upon thy life!" (3.3.366) and this expresses his emotions, such as his love for Desdemona. Furthermore, when Othello says “when I love thee not” (3.3.91) “chaos is come again" (3.3.92) , it can be seen as how Othello feels towards his insecurity due to his race. Iago uses Othello 's position of a "stranger from here and everywhere" (1.1.136-137) to exploit his insecurities; he says that "in Venice they do let God see the pranks” (3.3.202) “they dare not show their husbands" (3.3.203). As Othello is not a Venetian, he cannot defend himself from this accusation of his wife. Therefore, jealousy might be a result of the insecurity that he is feeling, but also caused by Iago who takes advantage of
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