Cause And Effect Essay On Global Warming

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Global warming is a very serious issue that will affect us all in the long run. Global warming is the increase of the Earth’s average temperature. This increase of temperature is causing drastic changes to be felt throughout the world. Due to global warming we experience a change in seasonal temperatures, breathe in polluted air, put our future in danger, and our only option to counter will be conservation. According to NASA, the Earth’s average temperature is around 58.3 degrees Fahrenheit. That is one degree warmer than the 20th century. According to National Wildlife Foundation, the Earth’s average temperature is in fact expected to rise anywhere from 4°F to 11°F by the year 2100. From a statistical point of view global warming is a clear…show more content…
This is of course a problem for some people who are very used to the temperatures the way they are currently. Especially in a region like Texas where temperatures already skyrocket above the 100° mark or regions where it gets in the negative degrees. If the temperature is hotter than usual then that in turn will attract mosquitos which transfer disease such as malaria. According to National Geographic, this doesn’t just have an effect on us, it also has an effect on animals such as butterflies, foxes and alpine plants that are moving north to higher and cooler areas. The reason that this is a problem is because there are animals in nature that depend on each other. For example a butterfly and a plant. If the butterfly moves up north because it couldn’t adjust to the weather then the plant will have nothing to pollinate it and will in turn not flourish. The whole cycle will be thrown off and thus affect other animals besides those involved. The climate change is also a reason that hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms are going to get stronger and cause more damage. The sea levels will also be effected so that they rise an average of 7 to 23 inches which will in turn affect the polar bears because there snow will
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