Causation of Same-Sex Orientation

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Is there an answer to why a person is prefers his or her own gender for sexual gratification and romantic relationships? In my twenties, I worked for a family company. They employed several homosexual workers; this experience intrigued me as to why a person is gay. The woman who did all the graphic art was gay and stood to inherit the company once her step father retired. She subsequently hired her lover and friends to work for the company.
I became friends with the graphic artist outside or work. I did go to the gay bars a couple of times. Since I am not gay, it seemed somewhat odd to me personally. By odd, I mean it was not a desire of mine to be with a woman romantically. Through the years of working together and having a friendship out of work, I asked her about being gay. She explained to me that she had boyfriends as a teenager but always knew to a certain degree that she was attracted to women. At that time, I assumed that it was somewhat of a genetic predisposition to homosexuality and not a choice.
Homosexual orientation has become more...