Cats versus Dogs: Which is Better?

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Cats and dogs are seen to be the most popular household pets in the world. Because of their popularity, people would always compare these two pets to each other. But which makes a better pet? I used to have cats when I was a kid and I had a lot of them. I also had a dog, a family dog, but he stayed outside and I did not really pay attention to him. My cats died when I was nine or ten. I got tired of taking care of them so I stopped adopting one. I didn’t really know the differences between cats and dogs until I had my own dog. I found out that they are very different especially on their actions and attitude. Based on my experiences when I had cats, and now that I have a dog, I can say that dogs make better pet than cats.
Dogs are easier to train than cats. I have seen some videos of cats who are trained and can do some tricks, but I‘ve never seen one in person. I’ve never seen a cat being commanded to sit, or to fetch, or to roll over. I think that would look weird because we people mostly see dogs do those tricks. Although my dog does not know a lot of tricks because I did not have that much time to train her, I know that she is smarter than the cats that I had before. I tried training my cats before and it did not work. I found it easier to train my dog and she quickly learned all the tricks I taught her. I taught my dog how to only eat her food when I say “okay go eat”. I also taught her how to go outside my room just by simply saying “out!”, and to call her back in. I have also seen many videos of dogs doing tricks that I‘ve never seen in cats, like praying before eating. There was also this famous dog named Porter, and was the world’s first driving dog. Another reason why I think dogs are smarter and e...

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...d she wants to comfort me. When I had cats and when I forgot to feed them, when I came home they were gone. Most of them did not come back. And sometimes, they steal food from the counter. I did not see any signs of affection from them. Another example is when I am really tired and I will just lie down on my bed, she will lie down also and cuddle with me. My dog is very good in showing affection, as well as other dogs.
Cats and dogs are both good pets for me, but I prefer dogs better. I’m not saying that dogs are better pets than cats just because I have a dog. I based my reasons and examples on my experiences and from what I have seen to others. I can say dogs are better, because they are smarter, more active, loyal, and loving. I am pretty sure that there are some more reasons why dogs are better than cats; my reasons and examples are just some of them.

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