Catcher in the Rye essay

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A classic American novel can be classified as one that is relatable, and immortal. Teenagers experience many problems, such as getting bullied, suffering from depression, and from having stress, which provide a connection for them on many different levels when they absorb the message from the novel. To this day, many classic novels are widely enjoyed although they were established in a different time. Therefore, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is considered to be a classic American novel because it is immortal. Salinger was able to create a classic novel by conjuring up a protagonist who suffered from problems with depression, which allowed readers from any generation to connect and reflect on his actions. The readers were able to connect with Holden Caulfield because he was designed in such a way where his ideologies mirrored the ideologies of teens from any generation. His personality let teens realize that they are not the only ones who feel a certain way about society and people’s tendency to be “phony” as Holden accused people of being. After Holden gets beaten up by M...
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