Catcher In The Rye

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In Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield goes through many events in just three days that seemed to impact his life a lot.
He began to realize things about himself, and changes occurred within him. Now it's 35 years later and Holden has grown up, and has finally entered the real world. Holden now works for a high school as a student counselor, and deals with problems of children everyday. He is very well liked at the school and he has only been there for three years. He sometimes gets attached with the students dilemmas, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. He is also the leader of the schools Students Reaching Out program.
Holden has enjoyed his job ever since he has started and has never thought of leaving it. Holden now lives in the small town of Wellingville in California. He is married to a women he met when he went back to college and they have 2 kids, both girls. One is 6 and the other is 3. Holden's wife has all the qualities that Jane did. A very sweet women with a great personality. They made a perfect couple. He has gave his kids financial and emotional support that his own parents never gave him. Cole Cuchna 12/2/99 Per7 He does this because he doesn't want his kids to go through what he did growing up. Holden has made many compromises as he has grew up. Through his daily therapy he realized that he can't be everything he wants to be. He can't save every child he meets from growing up and entering the real world. Every child loses their innocents sometime in their life, and Holden becomes to realize that. As he matures he doesn't try to save them from the real world, but he helps them accept it. This is why Holden is a good counselor for teenagers because teenagers are usually just beginning to enter the real world and Holden can help them through it. Also, as he grew he picked up on a hobby. Everyday after work, Holden goes to the local park and feeds the ducks. Everyday he does this, in the winter time and everything. It gives him time to think about what went on in the day and helps him concentrate on any issues he might be having at the time. As Holden grew up, he matured a lot but he also did retain some of his childhood qualities. One of these such qualities is his constant changing of personalities. He will go from thinking he is crazy, to then thinking he is something else.

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