Catch Me

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The movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is based on the true-life story of Frank Abagnale. He was the youngest person to ever be put onto the FBI’s most wanted list. The movie tells his story. Frank Abagnale impersonated many people and forged many documents (many to include paychecks) over the period of 5 years. He was said to be the world’s greatest liar. Some of the documents that he forged included, but were not limited to, false identification cards, birth certificates, and of course paychecks. He got into the forgery business by learning from his ‘conman’ father. Frank traveled around the world impersonating doctors, airline pilots, and even the assistant attorney general. The FBI was always on his trail, but seemed to be one step behind him. The final showdown, or rather when he was caught, was when the FBI found him in his warehouse mass-producing paychecks. The lead detective was so vastly impressed with his skills at forgery that he was able to work out a deal with Frank and got him out of prison after only five years. This was done on the stipulation that Frank would come to work for the FBI to aid in the measures to identify forged documents. Many of these practices helped with the security measures still in place today. This was the end to the movie, thus telling a great tale of one man’s life, and the FBI’s weakness for forgery at that time.

This movie has a great deal to do with our Graphics Representation class. The forged documents Frank was making could still b...
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