Cat Breeds to Choose From

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Today a cat lover has their choice of cat breeds to choose from. From the great many cat breeds available, each potential cat owning person can find just the perfect kitty. No matter what kind of household you have, you too will be able to find a perfect cat from among the cat breeds.

Most experts on cat breeds will tell you that there are basically two comprehensive types of cat. You have the basic Oriental archetype of cat breeds and the basic European archetype of cat breeds. Within these two families of cat breeds you will find well over 80 types of cat.

The Oriental type is a svelte creature. These cat breeds have angular features, longer limbs, thinner fur, bigger ears and are often talkative. Personality wise, they are know for being very friendly with their people, very smart and playful even as adults. Many experts believe that the Oriental cats are among the oldest of cat breeds still around today.

The European cat breeds are what is known as 'cobby'. This means they are stockier, with thicker limbs and tails, rounder heads and smaller ears. They generally will have a double coat or longer fur. They are known for being much more laid back. They are more undemanding of their keepers than Oriental cat breeds. Instead, they are sweet creatures, happy to doze in a puddle of sunlight. Within these two archetypes there are many cat breeds.

The Siamese cat is probably the oldest of cat breeds. These are medium to large sized cats. They are noted for their slender builds and long legs and tails. They have short fur that is a tan to pink or light gray on the body but a much darker shade on the face, ears, legs and tail. Some are tabby striped, some are even calico but they will always be lighter bodied with dark limbs an...

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... breeds. British and American Shorthairs are cat breeds that were bred from native alley cats. These two cat breeds are the Plain Jane of the cat world. While they are lovely creatures, the cats are noted for their lack of extreme features and middle of the road temperament. While they are not show stoppers, they are great cat breeds and make many people happy.

Not all European cat breeds are so understated. The Exotic or the Selkirk Rex or the ancient Angora are great examples of this fact. These cat breeds are noted for their striking looks. The Exotic has the body and temperament of a Persian but short dense fur. This cat has been compared to a teddy bear. The Selkirk Rex is one of the few curly haired cat breeds. These are big, solid cats with a lush curled cat. The Angora, one of the oldest cat breeds, is a slightly built cat with a lovely long coat.
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