Casw Code Of Ethics Analysis

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Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) and the Code of Ethics The CASW Code of Ethics outlines a number of values that guide the social work profession. These include (1) Respect for the Inherent Dignity and Worth of Persons; (2) Pursuit of Social Justice; and (3) Service to Humanity (CASW, 2005a). The first value of Respecting the Inherent Dignity and Worth of Persons advocates for the protection of individuals because it encompasses the right to self-determination, human rights, and the right to informed consent (CASW, 2005a, p.4). Notwithstanding, one principle found in this value also supports the protection of society, encouraging social workers to "... uphold the right of society to impose limitations on the self-determination of individuals, when such limitations protect individuals from self-harm and from harming others (CASW, 2005a, p.4). This first value from the Code of Ethics makes it confusing for social workers because it guides them to advocate for human rights and self-determination, while justifying limitations in order to prevent harm to the individual or society.…show more content…
More importantly, it encourages social workers to "... advocate for equal treatment and protection under the law and challenge injustices that affect the vulnerable and disadvantaged" (CASW, 2005a, p. 5). This value supports the argument for the protection of the individual. Service to Humanity is the third value in the Code of Ethics and it guides social workers to "... balance the individual needs, and rights and freedoms with collective interests in the service of humanity (CASW, 2005a, p. 5). In a dilemma such as this, the Code of Ethics does not advocate for the protection of society over the protection of the individual, and provides guidance that can be
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