Castrol Engine Oil Case Study

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NAME: The brand of the organization which I elect is “CASTROL ENGINE OILS” DESCRIPTION: Castrol engine oils services is a one of the leading vehicle engine oil company in the automobile fields. This company fabricate all vehicle engine oil for diesel engine vehicles and petrol engine vehicles(2-wheeler, 3-wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicles). castrol engine oil is very important to all the vehicles for reducing the friction, increasing the mileage and providing high pickup in the riding. This organization cater an engine oils for all company vehicles like Mahindra, Tata, Toyota, Volkswagen etc. This company manufacture the oil products based up on the bike engine capacity also deliver the variety of products in the oils like ACTIV 4T, POWER1, CRB,…show more content…
In The customers there are rich and poor people. The company aim to produce to their products to all kind of people with in a low cost, and in the formation of the products the cost reduction is also very important. Reducing unnecessary cost will lower the…show more content…
For production of this range of products the company using latest updated technology and a different new manufacturing machines. Which produce a number of products with in a seconds by using this advance technology machines we can save the time and increase production rate Governance mechanism: governance on the enterprise architecture is crucial for this organization. Because by following sequence procedures we can achieve our goals and vision, so in my chosen organization the governance must be maintained in production, nature, sales and capacity Agility; producing a good products within the time is very important to my organization. Because in the universe the population increasing rapidly and vehicles rate also increasing and the vehicle usage rate also increasing. so we have to supply the products according to the we must be fast in production Flexibility; flexibility means by maintain a good relationship with dealers and encourage dealers by offering a rewards the dealers who reach their target and increase the margin of dealers. The company must maintain flexibility with all dealers and employees Business drivers: Business drivers; The role business drivers in my chosen organization is immense. It influence the
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