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Every life comes with its own hardships; some people have more to deal with than others, and some have it a bit more easy. Cassandra Kathleen Lenfestey was born on August 9th 1988, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She moved to Racine, Wisconsin when she was about seven years old. She is a “funny, goofy, and outgoing” young woman who grew up with her mom, dad, two brothers, and one half sister. Cassandra and her sister were very close, but over the years, their relationship began to fall apart; however, Cassandra is happy to say that her and her sister are working out their difficulties, and beginning to maintain a relationship again. Growing up, as a teenager Cassandra was quite the rebellious one. She much preferred to go out with friends, rather than go to class or do homework. Eventually, she ended up dropping out of high school. Cassandra believes this was one of her biggest regrets. A couple years later, she realized how important an education was, and decided to get her GED. Around the time Cassandra was 18 years old, she was involved in a hit and run. No one was hurt, and it wasn’t a serious accident; however, at the time of the accident she didn’t have her license yet. Cassandra drove off because she was afraid. Eventually she turned herself in, and was dealt with some serious consequences. She had to go to court and ended up filing for bankruptcy to pay for everything. Because of everything that happened, it made getting a license very difficult for Cassandra. At age of 21, she was finally able to get it. She says this was one of the hardest things that she ever had to do. Cassandra lives a very busy life. She spends most of her time with her two jobs that take up a total of 55 hours a week. She is also attend... ... middle of paper ... ...s become a big part of Cassandra’s life. She has done multiple bookings for runways, and special promotions for clothing lines. The most recent booking Cassandra had was a runway show at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Because of how busy she currently is with going to school and working so much, Cassandra hasn’t been able to pursue her modeling since about a year ago; however, she would like to continue if she gets some free time. Cassandra now “lives by her own rules, and looks at her own life goals.” She is a strong independent woman who doesn’t let anyone get in her way. She works very hard for what she has. Though she has been through so much in her life already, she continued to push through all of the rough patches in her life to get to where she is today. Cassandra deserves to be happy and stress free. She is wished all the very best.

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