Casimir III

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Casimir III

Casimir III, also known as Casimir the Great, was one of Poland’s most productive kings.

His greatest accomplishments throughout his reign were the progress and the reforms within domestic Poland.

When first elected as Poland’s king, there was turmoil going on within Poland’s political aspects. They were on the brink of a war; however, Casimir knew that if Poland were to enter into a war, that they would be defeated instantaneously. Instead, with the countries that wished to wage war, Casimir helped create a peace treaty that divided up land to the opposing sides, in an effort to avoid a possible war. By saving Poland from a possibly devastating war, he was known then on as a great king, one who would truly better Poland. By doing this, Casimir showed he was to rule for Poland and for the people of Poland, to make their lives easier. This was the beginning of Casimir’s great reign.

Under his leadership, Casimir had marshes drained and forests cleared in order to promote better agriculture for his country. The people whom he ruled were grateful for his sincere interest with Poland’s economic standpoint, and that he wanted to see all of his people happy. He had roads, bridges and trading posts built while he was king to further Poland’s economy. He felt that in order for Poland to become a strong country, he had to start from the basic level and work his way up, improving things as needed. By starting with the basics, he was able to create a foundation on which to stand Poland, in case anything was to happen. He made sure that at the very least, Poland would be able to survive on its own.

What was also needed was defense against a possible attack. Casimir then proceeded to build around forty c...

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Casimir had accomplished many outstanding achievements throughout his reign as king of Poland. It has been drawn that his title as Casimir, The Great, was a most fitting title for a king of such stature. From his help on his political standpoints and his help and assure of the well-being of domestic Poland, it is quite clear: Casimir was one of Poland’s’ finest kings, one who not only cared about his political and economical popularity, but thrived among the popularity of all of his subjects throughout Poland.


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