Cash Mangement in Business

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Nowadays, as we can notice, there is certainly increasing business competition, the culture becomes knowledge-based, and promptly changing technology convert most characteristics of the working life of a small firm. Indeed, coping with that alterations are certainly a must. To start this up, cash management is a technique not only in managing the money in business but also on how they are able to make it become progressive. It involves tactical and strategic aims related to the financial resources of the business and it’s a way of making money and supplements value for the owners. The skills and qualities of a person that is handling in a certain business are very significant, because it is one of the foundations or an asset of every business. Cash is money that can be access easily either in the bank or in the business. Successfully managing cash is an essential skill for small business developers, because it is the way of collecting, handling and proper usage of money. In putting up a business, first, they must have a resources especially money, which is their capital. Whether it came from their savings, money borrowed from a bank or from “Bombay”. And the owners of the business must know when, where, and how they needed cash. According to Cabrera (2012), managing cash is becoming even more sophisticated in the global and electronic age of the 21st century as financed managers try to squeeze the last peso of profit out of their cash management strategies. Though whatever teachings of the qualities of having cash would be a lifetime, financial managers are still pursuing of keeping this asset in a minimum. Cash management is the operating system for making decisions about money. It is an effective way to manage the cash cy... ... middle of paper ... • Ano ba ang ibang plano mo sa perang iyong kinikita? • Ginangamit mo ba ang perang kinikita moa araw-araw upang mabayaran ang iyong mga utang? SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE Problem Statement #1 – Resources • Where did you get your money to start the business? • Did you borrow money from your friend, family, or in the bank? • Where did you get your payment for your daily expenses? • Do you have any other income to support your business, daily needs and expenses? Problem Statement #2 – Managing the daily cash • Does your income for a day is enough to start up for the next day? • Do you get a return from the capital you invested on your business? • Can you save some cash out of your income every day? • Does your income enough for your daily needs? Problem Statement #3 – Usage • What are your other plans for your cash? • Did you use your income every day to pay your debt?

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