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Motivation is important in any organization. Work motivation is a process that can initiate goal-directed performance which results from beliefs about what the employee feels makes him or her successful (Clark, 2003). Motivation can also influence employees’ decisions to choose to partake in a job task and continue until it is completed. It has the ability to drive individuals to behave in ways that can energize, direct, and sustain their work behavior (Levy, 2013). This is important to organizations because it can ensure the success of the company. The best approach to fostering motivation is employee satisfaction (Heathfield, 2014).
Electro Logic is an up and coming organization. The company is in the beginning stages so motivation is important to the organization. Two important ways to create a motivating environment are employee involvement and management of the workplace with minimal rules and policies (Heathfield, 2014). The company tries to accomplish both of these criteria. According to observations, the company has weekly meetings to involve employees (Dipboye, Smith, & Howell, 1994). These meeting can be beneficial to employees by allowing them to communicate with their supervisors and coworkers regarding concerns. Interaction, communication, and attention from supervisors can be motivating to employees when information is communicated effectively (Heathfield, 2014).
The company also has other strengths. Electro Logic offers excellent pay and benefits to their employees. Also, many employees who were interviewed communicated that the work was enjoyable. Employees who enjoy the work they do will be more likely to be motivated to take on and complete tasks. Furthermore, the company offers many opportunities for social...

... middle of paper ... negative feedback with employees (Clark, 2003). Constructive criticism is fine to use, but negative feedback can make employees feel like they are failing at their jobs.
Motivation of employees is important to any organization’s success. The process of work motivation can initiate performance of employees (Clark, 2003). The best approach to fostering motivation has shown to be the satisfaction of the employees (Heathfield, 2014). Employees are more likely to engage in work when they know what to expect from the work, are given the resources to complete the tasks, are given ample opportunities to grow their own knowledge and within the company, have moderate feedback about their work, and feel like they are an asset to the organization (Shuck, & Wollard, 2008). Also, companies must be sure to avoid things like unfairness and other elements that deter motivation.
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