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Introduction Following on from the literature review which looked at articles on agenda setting in Belgium and China. This paper will look at agenda setting in China, which has a communist government in power with no opposition parties and a media system that goes through harsh censorship and is controlled by the party. “The Chinese mass media have served effectively in agenda setting to conduct positive propaganda for Party ideologies and policies (Li, Qin, & Kluver, 2003)” (Luo, 2012:1). The party uses the control it has over the media to make salient the issue of ethnic relations and the tensions between the Han and Uyghers. Previously, the media would be constricted and not able to report on the incident however now, the party has relaxed it’s control somewhat, but the media is now told how to report the story. The party sets the medias agenda. (Chan, 2008). This paper will look at how the Chinese government uses agenda setting and it’s control over the media to promote the issues it believes in. Theory Agenda setting describes the ability of those in positions of power, to transfer salience to certain issues that they deem important, while pushing other issues that they deem less important to a lower priority and out of the public view. Framing states that how issues are framed in the media help the general audience understand complex issues, such as stem cell research, easily. (Scheufele and Tewksbury, 2007: 12). Methods The case this paper will look at will be the recent Tiananmen incident that took place in China on Monday the 28th of October 2013. It will use news articles from different Chinese news outlets and how the media dealt with the issue. Additionally, an official leaked document outlining the requirements f... ... middle of paper ... ...ommunication Association, Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, Phoenix, AZ Online. 2013-08-16 from Rui, Z., (2013) ‘China calls Tiananmen Square terror attack inhumane and anti-society’ CCTV [Online] - [Accessed on 16th November 2013]. Rui, Z., (2013) ‘Crossover: Beijing raises security alert after Tiananmen Square terror attack’ CCTV [Online] - [Accessed on 16th November 2013]. Scheufele, D. A., and Tewksbury, D., (2007) ‘Framing, Agenda Setting and Priming: The Evolution of Three Media Effects Models’ Journal of Communication 57:9-20. Ying Chan: China censors adopt agenda setting, 28 Oct 2008, Youtube - ( [Accessed 18th November 2013]
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