Case Summary: Case Study Of Brown And Williamson Tobacco Company

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CASE STUDY 1 Dr. Jeffery was born in New York City and achieved academic degrees with distinction from the University Of Buffalo School Of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Louisville. He has had a distinguished career and has held senior positions with a number of leading health care companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, and then served as Vice President for Research and Development for Brown & Williamson. In Brown and Williamson, he was tasked with the creation of a safer cigarette through the reduction of hazardous and carcinogenic components of those tobacco products. However, he became internationally renowned due to his divulgence of unethical practices by…show more content…
Moreover, he exposed B and W for tampering with the nicotine absorption process with the use of ammonia, in a process known as impact boosting. He also revealed that harmful additives such as glycerol, which when burned creates a compound known as acrolein, which interferes with the clearing of the lungs, as well as coumarin which is a known carcinogen and has been shown to cause tumors in mice. When this information was relayed to the then CEO, Mr. Sandefur, he claimed that the removal of these substances would adversely affect sales, and that they were actively working on an alternative. This argument led Sandefur to fire Wigand in 1993 and to force him to sign an extended confidentiality agreement forbidding him to speak of anything related to his work or the…show more content…
He dropped out of high school to study computers at Anne Arundel Community College, then next, 2004, proceeded to train in the Army Reserves in special-forces training, which he did not complete due to breaking his legs in an accident. Soon after, he got a job as a security guard at the university of Maryland’s centre for advanced study of language, which had connections with the national security agency. In 2006 he took an information technology job, where he was suspected to be breaking into classified files, and after leaving the job, he started working for a private firm. He worked at Dell, as a subcontractor in an NSA office then moved for three months to Booz Allen, another NSA
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