Case Study of an Unmotivated Student

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Being motivated is not just about a good end result, but it is about acquiring an ingrained mindset that empowers and directs one’s behavior. (Tan, OS, Parsons, R. D., Hinson, S. L., & Sardo-Brown, D., 2011) Mary Doe can clearly be seen to be unmotivated in learning as seen from her low expectations of success. She is seen to have a low gauge of her ability, which leads to her low confidence, and lowered motivation towards her academics. We will explore the possible causes, as well as solutions to aid the improvement of her motivation in learning.

Mary Doe looks to her peers to determine her ability, she thinks that she has put in her best but is still unable to succeed. Mary Doe may have allowed her imagination to run wild, imagining the only the worst response that could come from her classmates. This could have caused great distress, thus choosing to react to her fear of scoring a lower grade than her classmate, with a “flee-response” (Tan, OS, et al., 2011). The psychological provocation could bring about a feeling of despondency that counters her efforts. This could explain w...
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