Case Study: Why Study Public Administration?

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Why Study Public Administration?
The role of a public administration demonstrates the government and self-government in its new political and economical conditions. The primary focus of public administration solely relies on providing public services but not limited to traditional services such as health care, transport services and municipal. In the realm of public administration, there are many challenges and complex issues that are faced on a daily basis and perhaps sometimes longer. Studying public administration provides numerous avenues towards transforming and implementing change. For example, making one’s local community a better place to reside and having the resources to tackle the issues that the community may face. Therefore,
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Prior to pursuing a career in public administration, it is important to know what these advantages and disadvantages are prior to working in the field of public administration. Firstly, public administration gives an individual the ability to work and manage people. A managerial role exposes the individual to get involved and tackle the different programs that need to be improved. Secondly, a public administrator has a choice to work either in a private or a public sector. In either a public or private sector an individual has the capability to work for non-profit organizations and as well as governments. Lastly, there is a wide-range of opportunities from health care, communications, legal fields, and public transportation. Overall, there are many different factors that an individual may find that they prefer to further their career in public…show more content…
Governments and companies rely heavily on an individual that is in the public administration field to ensure that all programs are being implemented and managed. It is the responsibility of the public administration to effectively recommend change. Public administration careers can be competitive because they are considered to be high ranking positions working directly with government officials and even the United Nations. Consequently, the impact of social factors is not always considered when it is referenced under a political role. Thus, this causes inadequate when public administrators are analyzing the activities of government

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