Case Study: Ventra Ionia

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Analysis Due to the lack of qualified and engaged auditors, Ventra Ionia needs to evaluate their current audit program. There are many structures the audit team can take. Does Ventra want to hire a few full-time employees whose only responsibility would be to audit the various processes within the factory? Does Ventra want to conduct an internal auditor training to develop current employees? Does Ventra want to create a partnership with other factories in the area or sister plants to create a co-sourcing or consortium arrangement? Does Ventra want to hire an outside company to conduct all internal audits and outsource the process? There are many options Ventra could choose. The following two options are suggestions Ventra could use to develop their internal audit program. Develop New Nontraditional Audit Team The first option would include using an audit team similar to what Ventra Ionia is using now with planned audits through the year. All auditors would be requested to audit in addition to other job responsibilities and would be required to perform at least five audits a year in areas they are independent of responsibility in. Current auditors, with an exception of the gentleman that is slated to retire, will be asked to be a member of the audit…show more content…
A discussion of customer requirements will be conducted in every meeting with each meeting focusing on one customer. The audit team will also discuss ways to improve the current audit process. New auditors will meet with the lead auditor once a quarter to discuss development and areas they would like to work on to customize their training plan for their success. The team would be assessed in the number of customer concerns or problems that arise out of the facility and the score of external audits. The audit team meetings are scheduled for October 2016, January 2017, April 2017 and July
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