Case Study Two

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The facts in the case I chose consist of two avid mountain climbers in their mid-twenties, Harold and David. During a climbing expedition, Harold is seriously injured. On his deathbed he asks David to promise to marry his sister, Doris. Doris and David have been dating; Harold knows how happy his sister is, and is worried about how she will take his passing. Therefore David agrees and promises Harold that he will marry Doris. After Harold dies, David tells no one. He soon realizes that he enjoys spending time with Doris, but he is not in love with her and breaks his promise to Harold, by not marrying his sister. A promise is a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen. (Dictionary) Deathbed can be defined in a few ways, the bed in which someone dies, or the last few hours before one’s death. (Dictionary) In this particular case the latter would be the definition that we would use. Many deathbed promises are made to ease the pain or the conscience of the dying, in their last moments of life. Promises openly and free...
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