Case Study: The Selling Price Of The Chop2pot

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Final Write Up

Highlighting the Problems
The infomercial begins by demonstrating a problem faced by many consumers in our target segment. The user of an ordinary cutting board is in the kitchen preparing a meal. As he finishes chopping various vegetables to be added to a pot, he is left facing a problem. The chopped vegetables must be transferred from the cutting board to a nearby pot, the diameter of which is smaller than the length of cutting board. This is a problem faced by many home cooks, and one to which no ideal solution exists. Our infomercial demonstrates two of the most common (but imperfect) methods of accomplishing this task: sliding the food into the pot with a knife, and dropping it in by hand. The knife method is difficult, and can easily result in food missing the pot. This leads to wasted food, the cost of which can add up quickly for consumers. The second common fix is no better. Throwing food in by hand creates two potential health risks: bacteria transferred from hands to food, and splashing boiling water onto the cook’s hands. Each of these demonstrations is designed to highlight a different reason for customers to buy
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The selling price of the Chop2pot is $19.99 CAD. Bundling has become a staple of infomercials, with the phrase “but wait, there’s more!” representing the tagline for this form of advertising. However, we find the nature and price of this product not to be conducive to this tactic. The price of the product is such that bundling two Chop2pots would come at a cost of $40. To many consumers, this price would be too high, and overcome the increase in perceived value created by any separation of benefits we could employ. We also browsed parent company Joseph Joseph’s website for smaller items that could be effectively bundled with the Chop2pot, but found that there were no modestly priced products that would complement the main

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