Case Study: The Sander's Family Theory

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Smauel Seium. The Sander’s family problem, according to the family life cycle perspective is that the parents and children need to be able to adjust and cope with their changing family. For example, Tom needs to spend time and take care of his children, Sue needs to understand that the children are getting older and need to be given more responsibility, Ted is starting school for the first time that involves being away from his mother, and Alice is in adolescents and needs space from the family. The father is in the families with young children cycle. However, he appears to be struggling with dividing an equal share with his wife on taking care of the children. Additionally, the father is having trouble incorporating his children in his life by going out at night by himself to do activities. The mother is in the families with young children phase and she is enmeshed with her son. The son is sitting close to his mom during the session and does not seem to be able to function with other kids at school without his mom’s help which makes him want to stay at home with his mother. The daughter is fifteen years old, but since the mother is in the families with young children phase she does not give the proper space to her teenage daughter and still treats her like a child which causes the daughter to rebel with her grades. The mother needs to be moved to…show more content…
Additionally, helping this family identify what they want rather than what they do not want. I want this family to feel like they are the expert on their own issues and how to solve them. I would use the miracle question and scaling questions to help guide the directions of the goals for this family. This theoretical approach will help the family to not focus on the past but to focus on how to found the solutions to their problems and move
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