Case Study: The Inhumane Treatment Of Animals

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The definition of humane is having or showing compassion or benevolence. My entire policy issue deals with the inhumane treatment of animals. More specifically how college students aren’t responsible enough to own their own pet, and how dogs don’t get the correct form of treatment due to irresponsible college students. Many dogs go missing, injured, and killed throughout the year due to them living with a group of college students who have no idea how to raise an animal with the amount of support it needs. Even though my policy issue is a nation wide issue at numerous amounts of colleges, because it has to do with animals many don’t show much attention to these types of issues. As for my solution I would require local shelters to test anyone…show more content…
They say your dog/pet is your best friend. Dogs are known to relieve all sorts of panic when in times of distress. “Pets provide an unconditional love, giving students something they can always rely on when they are feeling down” (Merrihew). In a study by Dr. Kathleen Adamle published in the Journal Of American College Health 90.3% of participants indicated receiving comfort and support from their pets during stressful times. The comfort given by the presence of a pet has been acknowledged within hospitals and elderly homes for some years now, but research on the affects with college students is a new but growing field. Researchers have found that the benefits of owning a pet grows for those individuals who grew up with a pet or who have a pet back at home. These individuals miss their pets at home, and are used to being comforted by their dog/pet. The next argument is that it’s possible to rescue an older that is already trained. If you rescue a dog not only are you helping yourself but you are also helping the dog by giving it a safe place to live, its easier on both parts. Dogs who are already trained are pretty simple and don’t ask for much. Rescuing a dog allows for the student to learn to balance all their personal responsibilities. As you grow older you become more mature which allows you to understand the concept of not only taking care of yourself but an animal as well. “It…show more content…
To raise awareness I would get Chico city council aware of this problem happening on campus. Hopefully then it would spread to Butte County City council and from there to more and more universities across the nation. There are two interest groups that would take interest in my solution; American Humane, and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The American Humane interest group does many things that could potentially affect my policy area. They not only improve the lives of pets but also working animals and farm animals. They are one of the top veterinary experts across the nation. It was the country’s first national humane organization that’s both dedicated towards protecting children and animals. That’s why I picked American Humane because if a dog doesn’t get the treatment it needs, it affects humans and other animals. They can help us spread awareness about the amount of dogs that go missing, injured and abused by college students by sending out a set of guidelines of how to take care of your pet the humane way. I find this group important because they have the same pint of view as me. The humans and animals should have equal rights, and both deserve the respect they need. The second interest group, ASPCA, This Interest group believes that all animals are entitled to kindness and respect and should be protected under the law. It’s the first humane

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