Case Study: The Bottled Water Empire

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The Bottled Water Empire Spencer Stevens The Bottled Water Empire The hospitality industry is always expanding its reaches and attracting more people every day. It’s one of the largest industries in the world, with it being so large that “the number of jobs offered by the hospitality field increased by 29% between 2000 and 2010.” In addition to the increases in employment, new sub-sections of this industry are on the rise (Dumitru and Gavrilă, 2014). For example, take the beverage industry. New trends are arising and grabbing people’s attention. One particular growing segment of this field is the bottled water industry. Companies have created empires by quite simply bottling water and selling it to the masses. Bottled water is advertised as “a more convenient, pure, and better-tasting product than tap water, and a healthier alternative to…show more content…
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